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Newborn Photography is not regulated!

When I first started in Newborn photography six years ago, I quickly realised that there was no regulating body for this industry and in fact, there still isn't. Anyone with a camera can market themselves as a baby photographer.

The safety of the little ones who come to me will always be my first priority, I went back to school, so to speak. I found the best people working in the area of newborn photography internationally to learn as much as I could, and joined the best organisations to ensure I had access to safety training and industry advice.

I am still learning to this day.

- Check babies carefully after a session for small fibres on fingers on toes that may harm them.

- Do not place babies in a froggy position as this is now seen as a position babies would not naturally be in, therefore should not be used.

- Never suspend babies - use composite imaging like the image below shot on a bean bag.

- Never move babies head in a position it could block the airway.

This is just a snippet of what a newborn photographer MUST think about in each and every session.

My sessions are full of natural posing that will capture all the intricate details of your baby whilst keeping them safe.

If you are a parent looking for a newborn photographer please do get in touch.


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